SUPER CUTE boutique hotel in PARIS 🇫🇷

OMG! the front desk staff here is A-MAZING! They we’re soooooo nice and EXTREMELY helpful at allll times! Also, they are very diversified in their staff. Honey I saw a little bit of everything as far as ethnicities. It made me feel really comfortable. Welcome to Hôtel Square Louvois Staying at this hotel really made me feel like I was in a REAL-LIFE Alice in … Continue reading SUPER CUTE boutique hotel in PARIS 🇫🇷

If HEAVEN were made of CHOCOLATE 🇫🇷

LiLi’s BROWNIES So I’m in Paris, it’s a little after 3pm and just about everywhere is closed for food. I totally forgot that mostly all the restaurants close from 12 pm to 4pm and sometimes til 7pm. My hotel is located in a part of France that is flooded with Asian restaurants and because of that, that seems to be all I have a taste … Continue reading If HEAVEN were made of CHOCOLATE 🇫🇷

EXTREME GOODNESS in South France (La Farlède) 🇫🇷

    Whether you live in South France 🇫🇷 or your just visiting, the one thing you’ll notice is the large number of bakeries or what they are known locally as “Boulangeries”.  If you do have the opportunity to visit one of these places sent from heaven, you’ll need to know that the fact that they are even open says a lot about their product. … Continue reading EXTREME GOODNESS in South France (La Farlède) 🇫🇷

When EASY & HEALTHY collide!

It’s amazing what you can do with so little! Here in France, I’ve started eating a lot of canned fish. Whether it is sardines or canned albacore, I have definitely taken a new appreciation and liking to this new TREAT! I’ve also noticed that I have been taking in a lot more tomatoes lately. Another thing I’ve noticed is the difference in the taste of … Continue reading When EASY & HEALTHY collide!