On Top of Strawberry Hill 🇯🇲



If you have ANY plans on visiting the BEAUTIFUL country of #Jamaica. 🇯🇲 I HIGHLY recommend vacationing in the wonderful city of KINGSTON. I absolutely love this place. I’ve travelled to Jamaica several times and I’ve stayed in just about every city. I thought I had a favorite place to stay in Jamaica until I stayed in KINGSTON. Its like, once you arrive in Kingston, it still kind of gives you the typical being in Jamaica vibe but then the you get into the city, like the downtown area and everything changes. I love the fact that I was in Jamaica but felt like I was in a real metro environment. Hey as long as I can get my jerk chicken on the side of the road, I don’t really need anything else. lol But this isn’t the BEST part people.

After a few stops, were on our way to the Hotel. But where’s the beach? NOPE. This time we’re in the mountains.

The Blue Mountains of Kingston

Yes, the mountains. The Blue Mountains to be exact. The longest mountain range in Jamaica. Let’s not forget one of my favorite facts, home to the Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee. ☕️  Let me tell you, this place is BEAUUUUTIFUL and it has a relaxing calm to it. It takes about a good 30 mins to get up the mountain until you arrive at total PARADISE. Here’s some images I captured on the way up the mountain.






I found the Strawberry Hill Hotel and Resort online when I was setting up my trip (7 days). I first saw the photos online and immediately was like, there’s no way this place is this beautiful in real life. Well let me tell you, IT IS! OMG. It’s literally like a tropical paradise. Whatever paradise looks like in your mind that doesn’t involve a beach, this is it.

strawberry hill hotel


Now, keep this in mind. The month of September is their rainy season. When I tell you it rains in the mountains of Kingston Jamaica, it RAINS! like serious rain. But it’s so beautiful when it rains here. The cool part about being in the Blue Mountains when it rains is the smells from the small houses in the distance burning wood or whatever it is to stay warm. I really can’t say what this unique smell was that I would catch a whiff of every now and then. But, to me it smelled like the smell of a unique wood that I’ve never smelled before. You can even hear the sound of children playing on some days. One day i thought I heard a school bus going down the mountain in the morning. It was kinda cool. It’s like a little community tucked away in the mountains. I loved it.

So to give you a little history and background on this hotel. The owner is the guy who discovered Bob Marley (Chris Blackwell). He also owns the world-renowned hotel and resort GOLDEN EYE (where the first BOND movie was filmed) which is also in Jamaica. Bob Marley himself stayed in this hotel. I actually stayed in the room he used to stay in. In case you make reservations… its MV2 which stands for Mountain Villa 2. Actually, this is the room where its been said that Bob Marley wrote quite a few of his major hits. Check out this tribute room they have for him.


This is a conference room they have on the property. I wish I had a 360 degree pic for you. You can probably find a better shot online. But this room is pretty awesome. Its Bob Marley plaques all the way around.

Now for the good stuff. Lets talk about the villas. Not sure about all the other villas but from what I was able to see, most of them are 2 to 3 stories. My villa was 2 stories with about 3 bedrooms. The 3rd bedroom is optional because it sort of sits off the room up in a tree where you almost have to go outside to get to it. It was just me and one of my girlfriends so we really didn’t need it but the housekeeper showed it to us and it was really nice. Every room had SPECTACULAR views so you couldn’t go wrong with whatever you chose. The rooms include a full kitchen with everything you can possibly need. The living room/dining room was a room so filled with character that you almost didn’t want to go anywhere else. Take a look.


Cool right!

The rooms in these villas make you feel like you’re in a movie. Like a romantic jungle movie with mosquitos. Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but seriously. Some days, I would just lay in bed and write in my journal and take in all this gloriousness around me. Then in those times where I wasn’t lying in my bed I was lying outside my room on a hammock staring out into these green lush mountains listening to the sounds of families playing reggae music or the sounds of nature. They did such a good job with the decor of this place. Every floor has complete wrap around patios that stretch around the entire villa in like a U shape with nice hardwood floors. Every floor had a hammock. You won’t believe the view from just lying in your bed. It’s almost like you don’t need a beach.




Here’s me relaxing on my hammock. All I’m missing is my cocktail. lol


You know this is one of the sort of spots you come to when you are just really trying to relax to the fullest. I mean there’s a restaurant and a nice piano bar (Jamaican style) There’s also a nice day spa. But, you figure it takes awhile to get up and down the mountain. I said earlier that it was 30 mins up and down but it could actually be a little bit longer. But either way there’s nothing in close proximity to the resort. NO NOISE. Almost nothing really to do BUT relax and unwind. I know you saw the pool in my first photo. This place is really INCREDIBLE. I do plan on returning soon but this time I will be going in the summer. I need to experience this place when its full of the wonderful Jamaican sun every day.


RAIN or SHINE, this place ROCKS!

Before I go, I want to give you a little glimpse of the quality of the food you’ll be eating which is SO good and fresh. That was one of the things I missed about this place. The food was always so fresh and tasty. Now, it may take a while to come out but you have to remember…its JAMAICA. (No Problem Mon) 😂


Well guys, its been fun. If you do decide to take a trip to this wonderful place I just hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Heres a link to their website so you can get a better glimpse of this little piece of HEAVEN on EARTH.

Take Care,


                         Strawberry Hill Hotel & Resort                                                          www.StrawberryHillHotel.com



Here’s some extra photos from my amazing trip!

Dinner Time
Jamaican Drive Thru


Making Friends


My new Friend


The side of the road



3 thoughts on “On Top of Strawberry Hill 🇯🇲

  1. This looks like you had a great time. I’ve been wanting to visit Jamaica forever! Looks like a beautiful place to relax in the sun. And a good way to connect with the brothers and sisters out there. And you look gorgeous in these pictures. I love you in those braids! Thanks for sharing sweetie. 😉


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