Rainbows in Marseille




When in Marseille, France and you need a place to stay, allow me to introduce you to the NEW HOTEL of MARSEILLE. FIRST, let me give you a little history on this beautiful Port City in the South of France. Marseille was founded by Greeks in 600 B.C. Marseille is the oldest city in France. Which was 2,600 years ago. They also have a great soccer team.

When looking for something to do, there are a lot of really cool old churches to visit like Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde. Theres also some breath-taking castles tucked away every here and there. Ok, back to the Hotel…


This place is soooooo cool and trendy. If you are a lover of ART and all things colorful, you will love this place. From the moment you walk thru the doors of the lobby, you feel like you’ve been transported into a museum of all things Van Gogh. Bright colorful chairs, 3 feet statues of people, and that’s just near the door. Then you get to the front desk and you notice the beautiful light fixtures. The vibe is just very welcoming and warm.


Isn’t he cute??? Now they did tell me I wasn’t suppose to touch him so I got as close as I could. lol The staff is pretty amazing I must say. I was helped by a young man at the front desk who was SUPER cool and SUPER helpful. So after taking in the breath-taking lobby and all its fabulousness, and your like whats next? You look to your right and see the coolest/funnest room EVER! I don’t even know what this room was. I thought it was like a gift shop or something but there was nothing in there for sale. Then I notice an artist canvas with a painting already on it. Then I notice all the brushes and supplies that whomever painted the painting must have used. This room was filled with so much cool stuff you just had to stop and do a 360 and take it all in while trying to figure out what the hell is it.


👆🏽Now this is a pic I stole off the internet because for some reason mine won’t upload but it gives you an idea of the area I’m talking about. Now when I was there this room was FILLED  with cool stuff. Like you could barely see the windows. There was definitely not that much seating in there. And I know you noticed this cute little #VESPA in the corner. Oh you know I had to get on THAT! I don’t think I was supposed to but I did. Yes I’m a rebel. lol

So now you’ve got your key and your off to find your room. This is where it really starts to get fun! Behind you you’ll find a flight of stair that lead you to a 2nd floor of the hotel. Oh and who do I see at the top of the stairs staring at me full of bright, BRIGHT colors with a perfect smile…my man President Barack Obama! Now I’m sure some of you may not feel the same way I do about this man so let me let you know there was also an art piece of MADONNA and Michael Jackson not too far away.


Ok, I am even more psyched about staying here now. You know how certain things just let you know, “ok this is gonna be good”? Well that’s how I’m feeling at this point. So again, Im traveling to my room. I get on the elevator, I get to my floor. When the doors open up, you take a few steps, and then its like…OMG the entire hallway of rooms is lit up in a HUGE RAINBOW! and as you walk towards your room your like going thru another color of the rainbow. It’s hard to describe so here’s a photo.


Cool right???? I actually could’ve just sat in the hallway. But I have a room to get to. So lets see, whats left? OH I know. Lets talk about VICTOR CAFE! Ok so if you’re in a PORT CITY like Marseille, it only makes sense to eat seafood right? I mean being this close to the ocean and being that this hotel is literally blocks away from where all the fisherman bring in the freshest catch. You order seafood. And let me tell you…They did not disappoint at VICTOR CAFE. I ordered some soup, a glass of wine (you know me) and thennnnnn, I was feeling a little adventurous so I ordered CUDDLE FISH. Now l ordered this fish because it sound cute and you know, cuddly. I’m just glad they didn’t show me any photos of the fish before I ordered it. I don’t know that the outcome would’ve the same. But oooooooh when my server brought out that masterpiece of a dish, my heart stopped. Take a look at this!⬇️


Now this may not be the best photo.  But, this fish was AAAAAMAZING! the flavor was so perfect for this fish. I’ve never even had this fish before but like I told you guys in previous posts, I’m a Chef! The texture of this fish was like nothing I can remember. It almost had a snap to it. But whatever the case, It was GOOD!

Basically, this hotel has it all. They have a bar that makes you feel like you’re sipping your drink in a nice lounge somewhere with plenty of windows with a view out to the pool. The pool is quite swank as well. It was winter when I visited this hotel so I didn’t really get the whole pool experience but from the looks of it, it definitely gives you a bit of VEGAS pool party vibe when the sun is out.(I’m assuming)  This hotel is filled with contemporary decor from the pool to the rooms. My room had all the latest details that any modern hotel should have. I even had a huge bath tub in my room that made me feel like I was home. You know I had to try it out later that night.

I HIGHLY recommend this hotel when in Marseille. Plus its really close to the airport which was good for me being that I had a flight to Paris early the next morning.

Heres theres website so you can check it out yourself. http://www.info@newhotelofmarseille.com


Ok guys, I’m signing off. Great chattin with ya! All this talk about hotels is making me want to go lay in my bed. lol








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