Dubai Dreaming



Hey Guys!

Just giving you a heads up. I’m making my FIRST trip to the UAE (DUBAI) the first week of MARCH! I am so excited. 😊 While I’m in Dubai I plan to bring you guys with me to all the cool exotic food spots and well as hopefully finding some good coffee spots and hookah.




As you know Dubai is a Muslim country so I guess there won’t be any pork on this trip. Hahahahahahahaha!

Any who, stay tuned and if you have any requests for places you would like to see me visit, let me know. I am also hoping to visit some of the really cool tourist attractions that we see just about everyone go to when they go to Dubai.

Annnnnnd, I will be traveling to BAHRAIN for a couple of weeks. So this should be FUN!


Till then,




One thought on “Dubai Dreaming

  1. That’s the hot spot right now. Everyone seems to be going there. Be sure to take some good pics. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!


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