Boxing in Puerto Rico 🇨🇺

So I’m sitting at home. On my computer. The phone rings. Its my girl Kim. “Hey Girl Whats up?”

“Yes girl, I’ll go with you.”

Kim has invited me to join her on a trip to Puerto Rico to watch some fights. Danny Garcia. Deontay Wilder. This is gonna be GOOD!

Being that my girl Kim is married to the manager of both these fighters, this is definitely gonna be some VIP. 😎😎😎

It’s always a BLAST when me and Kim get together. I have to admit, I ❤️ the Miami Airport! There is so much to do. They alcohol tastings, Photo Booths, Dj’s playing music. You can really miss your flight in this place. But if you’re having fun, that’s a pretty good reason.

Believe it or not we were completely sober in this photo. (Well not completely)😁

We are off to San Juan, Puerto Rico! #WheelsUp

We’re HERE!

Landed in Puerto Rico. Hoped in the van. Next Stop…our hotel!

So after this fun ride, we arrive to our hotel. This place is BEAUTIFUL! Nice Hotel right on the beach.  Unpack. Unwind. Find a cocktail.

So much to do! So much good food to try. So many island drinks to challenge. Oh! and so much sun to lay in.🌞 San Juan is AWESOME!

Only being that were only here for 3 days, there’s no time to waste!

Who's looking
Kim! No one’s looking. Girl its WATER!

OK I think. we actually got some boxing events to get to. Talk about hit the ground running.

Here’s some pics from the weigh-ins!



Danny’s Squad


OK! That was fun! I think I’m ready to see San Juan now!

somewhere in San Juan
I have no clue where this is…

Ok…back to boxing!!!

Joe Goossen
If you know BOXING then you know this guy! #JoeGoossen

Well this was fun!

Im loving these rock walls! lol

Well I guess that’s it for now. It’s our last day. Unfortunately I lost most of the photos from that actual fights so thank God for youtube. lol

It’s departure day. Oh wow! look who I ran into in the lobby!


What a trip!

Thanks Kim!

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