EXTREME GOODNESS in South France (La Farlède) 🇫🇷



Whether you live in South France 🇫🇷 or your just visiting, the one thing you’ll notice is the large number of bakeries or what they are known locally as “Boulangeries”.  If you do have the opportunity to visit one of these places sent from heaven, you’ll need to know that the fact that they are even open says a lot about their product. It is well-known that if you don’t have good bread you don’t stay open! PERIOD

Well speaking of passing the test of having GREAT 🍞 Bread and GREAT product. Allow me to introduce you to probably the MOST FUTURISTIC, MODERN, TRENDY and yet COMFORTABLE boulangerie in the South France region. Located in the beautiful town of La Farlede lies the bright-colored family owned CORNU BOULANGERIE!!!

When you first pull up to CORNU your instantly thrown into a St. Tropez vibe. With plenty of outdoor seating, covered with some really cool state of the art options to block the sun, cool you down while keeping the vibe at the same time!


Outside of the open bright 🍊 orange-colored atmosphere that grabs your attention when you first walk thru the doors, you can’t help but notice the SCRUMPUTOUS variety of pastries  laid out right in front of you. Thennnn if you look to your right you’ll notice the HUGE ovens and baking equipment.  Just a reminder that everything your about to eat is homemade and fresh.



Chef Christophe Cornu


CORNU is a family owned business and you can definitely feel it as soon as you make contact with one of the employees.  If your lucky you may run into the MAMA of the business, Nadia Cornu or maybe the PAPA of the business 👩‍🍳 Chef Christophe Cornu. You might even see the young handsome SON walking around named Alexis Cornu.

I believe one of the things that makes CORNU Boulangerie so GREAT, is that you have such a WIDE RANGE of options to choose from. I mean, I don’t know about you but I can plan on going there just for a cup of ☕️ coffee and a little snack. Then, after a while if I start to want something a little more exciting I can always go for some baked 🐠 fish or steak. Thennnnn, if I am still hungry after that, there’s plenty of desserts and several different bread options that can also be ordered a with nice glass of Rośe.

There’s so much GOOD I can say about this WONDERFUL place of goodness. BUT I’m gonna let YOU try it out for yourself. If your ever in the La Farlède area it’s definitely worth the trip. If you’re not in the area I recommend rounding up the family or some friends and making a day of it!

Homemade Macrons
Here’s the address: 618 Route départmental 97, La Farlède 83210







I highly suggest you try their MACRONS. They are all made in house and the flavor is OUT OF THIS 🌎 WORLD!!!







**You can also follow CORNU on their INSTAGRAM at: @BoulangerieCornu**
*Checkout CORNU on their WEBSITE at: http://www.commande-boulangeriecornu.fr



Thanks for stopping by!

Until We Eat Again!!!


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