If HEAVEN were made of CHOCOLATE 🇫🇷

liliu's scones 2


So I’m in Paris, it’s a little after 3pm and just about everywhere is closed for food. I totally forgot that mostly all the restaurants close from 12 pm to 4pm and sometimes til 7pm. My hotel is located in a part of France that is flooded with Asian restaurants and because of that, that seems to be all I have a taste for at the moment. So at this point I’ve went to Pho spots, Noodle houses, Sushi restaurants you name it. ALL CLOSED!

You may ask why did I wait until 3pm to try looking for food. Well lets just say I had one helluva night! But you already know that if you checked out my blog on THAT! 😁🇫🇷

So as I’m continuing on my journey, suddenly my eyes LOCK on a window full of DELICIOUSNESS!!!  I’m seeing cookies 🍪, brownies, cupcakes coffee…You name it! I just HAD TO make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you LiLi’s NYC.

As soon as you open the door you are hit with the wonderful smell of GOODNESS! It feels so cozy in here. The smell of all the sweets and coffee make you just wanna put on a robe and some comfy slippers and melt!

lili's sweets.jpg

I was a little overwhelmed to be quite honest. I wanted EVERYTHING! Usually when I feel this way I ask one of the employees which is their favorite or what is most popular? But TODAY, it called my name! “KD” It was a HUGE soft looking cookie with 4 BIG pieces of Chocolate squares baked into it. Each piece of chocolate square sat about 1/2 an inch off the cookie. There were also little baby white chocolate Reeses pieces looking circles on top of chocolates lines covering the entire cookie…HEAVEN

lili's close up!

I ended up buying 2 HUGE cookies along with a BIG cup of coffee and I was in HEAVEN! I don’t know how it is with everyone else but I was unable to finish both cookies and I was hungry. 

If you are ever in PARIS, especially in the winter season I highly recommend you stop by LiLi’s for some SWEET GOODNESS!

Until we eat again,



LiLi’s Brownies      

35 rue du Dragon 75006 Paris, France

+33 1 45 49 25 03

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