SUPER CUTE boutique hotel in PARIS 🇫🇷

Front Desk

OMG! the front desk staff here is A-MAZING! They we’re soooooo nice and EXTREMELY helpful at allll times! Also, they are very diversified in their staff. Honey I saw a little bit of everything as far as ethnicities. It made me feel really comfortable.

Welcome to Hôtel Square Louvois

Staying at this hotel really made me feel like I was in a REAL-LIFE Alice in Wonderland movie. There’s so much fun stuff going on in this hotel. Every time you turn a corner, you never know what’s going to take you by surprise!



One of the first things you’ll notice at this hotel is the HUGE amount of books placed all throughout the hotel. New and Used. The cool fun fact about this hotel is that they allow you to take home any book that you want.







OK can we talk about the indoor pool in the cave! This was such a cool experience.  So just so you know in advance, the pool isn’t that big. I’m thinking about 10 people maybe 12. BUT…its still really cool annnnnnd it seems as though there’s  normally not a lot of people that go to the pool.

The indoor cave pool

Imagine after a long day sight seeing in Paris coming back to something like this. Nice warm oversized personal size pool all to yourself. If you are a lover of adventure like myself, you will definitely appreciate the cave vibe.


The rooms here are very comfy and contemporary. I wasn’t really a fan of the artwork in the rooms. To me the artwork doesn’t really go with the hotel. The Square Louvois seems to be a hotel of culture and wonder. Not sure who all the people are who are posted up in ALL the rooms but to me they kind of killed my vibe. I felt like…oh nevermind. I’m just gonna leave that there.

The rooms at Square Louvois


Ok! so to know me is to know how much I ❤️  to eat! So let’s talk about that!!!!

So this hotel does not offer room service BUT they do have a REALLY good complimentary breakfast buffet. When I saw good I mean really good. In a French kind of way. 🇫🇷

When you check in be sure and check the hours of the buffet so you don’t miss it!

The Breakfast Buffet




The Square Louvois is located right in the middle what seemed to me as a little Asian part of Paris. I had some of the best asian street food. Check it out!👇🏽


…and this is just steps from the hotel! Oh and there’s PLENTY of late night options!

Well folks that’s about all for now! Now you know a SUPER CLAASY CUTE hotel to checkout when in Paris. It can be a little pricy so be prepared. BUT, well worth it!

Till we eat again!!!




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